Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 100

My Story (well, part of it anyhow)

Growing up I never played sports, or had an active lifestyle. I never understood proper nutrition and made a lot of bad dietary choices, so by the time I was 24 I weighed close to 340 pounds. I was on multiple medications for anxiety and depression (Paxil for example, which is banned now), saw a therapist, was diagnosed with a severe case of Social Anxiety, and classified as a shut in. The medical doctors were also telling me if changes were not made in my lifestyle quickly that I would soon face serious health issues. Soon after my father Johnny Cash passed away unexpectedly from cancer, and as you can imagine this had a major impact on my life. I decided to change…

A friend of mine told me about Kickboxing, that it was fun and a great way to get into shape. I found a place in Kennesaw called Knuckle Up, and it honestly took me 3 weeks to get the courage to walk in the door. But I did walk in, and I eventually loved it, and it changed my Life. The first year of “the change”, I lost 100 pounds, and I kept going. I have now lost 145 pounds, I have ran a marathon, and I have completed the infamous “Burpee Mile”, but most importantly I overcame Social Anxiety. I learned how to live without the dependency of medication. I took control of my own life. Looking back that was the hardest part, because there is no instruction manual on how to “relearn” communication and forming relationships with other people.