Athletic Women Magazine September 2014 November 2013 - Page 24

She just might be bigger than you. She just might be stronger than you. And just maybe she can kick your ass.

Standing on stage at a towering 6-feet and weighing in at a ripped and ready 180 pounds, Shayla Turcotte definitely stands out. Off-season, the Canuck physique competitor tips the scales at over 200 pounds.

Although very new to the world of big muscles and ripped bodies, Shayla boasts an exceptional athletic pedigree. Before turning her focus to building muscle, she competed in freestyle wrestling. Shayla didn't just wrestle; she excelled, rising through the ranks to world-class level.

Along with continuing to compete in physique, Shayla continues to hone her fighting skills, training in mixed martial arts with the goal of stepping into the cage and trying her hand at MMA. So yes, for the record she really can kick your ass!

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