AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 79

Volume 6 July-Aug 2016 Edition (Find Out More, courtesy of AppGuard and YouTube) Extending the Technology AppGuard’s patented technology can integrate with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and, Windows 10 Virtual Secure Mode (VSM), when available, will enable AppGuard as a focal trust point, performing dynamic and static attestation system-wide. An upcoming AppGuard derivative called DockerGuard adds much needed security for micro-services architectures for Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows and embedded uses. AppGuard Enterprise Dashboard This approach for endpoint protection is based on AppGuard’s patented technology that establishes trust zones protecting operating system resources, firmware, and process memory. Core protection policies are dynamically extended to descendant “child” processes eliminating the need for complex rules specific to each application and ensuring effective protection without management overhead or impact to user productivity. When AppGuard blocks malware activity, it collects highly granular per process Indicator of Attack (IOA) event data that can be analyzed and used to identify new malware before any IOC is known. Blue Ridge has already used this to issue “earlywarning” Threat Intelligence notifications to customers. AppGuard customers have had firsthand experiences where AppGuard has blocked attacks from malware (even file-less malware) that was able to elude other already deployed security products including breach detection systems, White Listing, Anti-Virus, Endpoint Detection and Response Containers, and Docker Containers. Blue Ridge is currently working with third party OEMs to bring AppGuard and its Management Platform to the IoT market as IoTGuard. IoTGuard extends AppGuard’s patented security technologies and scalable management plane to the IoT ecosystem. Good luck to Blue Ridge Networks AppGuard on becoming a Winner of the 2016 American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program! About AST Security as it is today – bringing security issues from protecting our communities, ports and cities to evolving threats to you in realtime – today’s real threats Contact Information Phone: 646.450.6027 (EDR) systems, and sandboxing. 79