AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 74

Volume 6 tests to delay outbound traffic by up to 20 minutes. The agency was surprised to find no significant delays. July-Aug 2016 Edition Rethinking the Value of Data for Modern Law Enforcement By Wayne Arvidson, Quantum’s Vice President of Video Surveillance and Security Solutions (Learn More, courtesy of Iris ID and YouTube) During the test, he said, the CBP had encounters with 343,000 people. By the end of May, almost 10,000 had full biographic, iris, fingerprint and facial data in the system. Once the test ended, all iris and facial recognition data was deleted. Misenhelter said this test—at least for the time being – was intended only as a pedestrian solution and not for the thousands more people crossing the border daily in automobiles. This test will help inform the CBP and other government officials of the available biometric technologies, such as iris recognition, and the next steps in developing and implementing a reliable entry/exit solution to improve national security. Biometrics, particularly iris recognition technology, is proving to be a quick and accurate identity authenticator for projects ranging from India’s national identity program – now with more than 1 billion enrollees – to a time-and-attendance solution for an El Salvador sugar mill. Mohammed Murad About the Author Mohammed Murad is vice president, global development and sales for ܘ[\KX\Y\\Q HܛXY\[\\Xۚ][ۈ]ܛH\[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ\]˚\\Y K^[H\YۂH\HوK]ܛ[Y\\H][ܘ[Y[\ۛ[۝[Y\HH[\X›و\\[ۋ\XX[H\[ܙHY[Y\YHXKX[Y\\HR[X]BLK H[Y\H[]\H\YB][ܘ[Y[X\][ MK[^H۸&]^XH[ۈ[][YHۋBH\\[ۈZ\\]Y\[ۜX] ]XHۘ\[X[X[]H[[ۙX[B\ˈ[[H\\[ۈ\H]Y\[ۂX]]x%[K\HܙH] X\H] [\H] ۜ\]][HXZ[H L [ٙX\][ܘ[Y[\\Y[\Z[˜H[Y\\\]Z\\ L\X]\وܘYH\[۝[HH[YK[HYۚYX[ B[ܙX\H[ܘYH\X]H\[[HH\BوH[Y\\\[[YH]XY\\YK[HHؚX]\وX[[H \[\B][&][Y HY][XH\YH][ܘ[Y[]HZ[[X]X›X\ܝ\ ^KY[]H\][ܚ[YB][[ۈ[X][ۈ[\Z[[\]Y][XY[Y][HXX[]]B\Z[[H\[\K]ܛ[Y\\[]M