AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 3

Volume 6 July-Aug 2016 Edition Deadly Ambush Attacks Against Cops Have Increased Dramatically This Year By Emily Shapiro, ABC News The number of law enforcement officers killed in ambush-style attacks has increased dramatically this year, according to a report issued today by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a finding its spokesperson called “especially troubling.” Sixty-seven law enforcement officers died in the line of duty this year as of July 20 — a small increase from 62 deaths in the same period last year, according to the report. But of this year’s 67 deaths, 32 were firearms-related — which is a 78 percent spike from last year, when 18 deaths were firearms-related. And of this year’s 32 firearms-related deaths, almost half — 14 — were the result of eight ambushstyle attacks against unsuspecting officers, according to the report. At this time last year there had been just three ambush deaths. Forty-six officers were killed as a result of a criminal act so far this year, the report 6B( BFV&R7@V.( 2V&W"b#2FR7&֖&VFVBFVF0F2V"vW&Rg&6Fw2G&ff2&VFVB6РƖ6Rff6W"&w22VBGW&rFRgVW&f"F0Ɩ6R7"&R&V2B&F7B6W&6FW2Vǒ2#bvSFW&F򐠦FVG2&VFrBff6W"vFVBg&W726G&7FVBg&&W67VRB&V6fW'v&FW22BFR7Bff6W"fFƗFW2vF2fvVB'V6vF6WfVFRvR`FVFǒF&vWFVBGF62ff6W'2F2FW2B&F&VvRV6F2F0