AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 26

Volume 6 July-Aug 2016 Edition Protecting Your Data from the Internet’s “Things”: The Benefits of Encryption and HSMs By Peter DiToro, Vice President of Customer Services, Thales e-Security The practice of encrypting information and protecting encryption methods is almost as old as the written word. Hardware security modules (HSMs) are used to protect cryptographic keys both at rest and in use; they are designed according to rigorous standards, usually set by governments, because protecting data is that important. Over the life cycle of both cryptographic material and associated data, today’s digital HSM provides a secure platform for managing cryptographic keys and their use. However, even given the vast progress in crypto system design, power and flexibility, one factor remains painfully true: a breach of cryptographic keys destroys the integrity of any crypto system, no matter how elegant its implementation. The HSM has become the de facto standard for securing the foundation of any modern crypto system. 26