AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 21

Volume 6 infrastructure, allowing users to take advantage of a multi-tier storage approach utilizing low-cost highcapacity disk, file-based tape, or cloud as a security infrastructure grows, and avoiding a complete forklift upgrade. “With Xcellis Application Director, system integrators can easily configure storage solutions to address a uniquely expansive range of surveillance customers,” commented Jim Ricker, VP, Supplier Relations, Anixter. “Now smaller implementations can enjoy the kind of access, performance and enhanced value previously reserved for more complex environments and then scale to realize the benefits of a Quantum tiered architecture, all while protecting their original investment.” “Xcellis Application Director extends the benefits of Quantum solutions to a broader range of customers and eliminates the gap between appliance-based surveillance storage solutions and large scalable models that haven’t historically been a good fit for small camera count environments,” said Wayne Arvidson, VP, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum. Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection. The company’s data management platform and tiered storage approach pro YHH[\]YHX[][ۈوY\ܛX[KX\X]H[X\HX\][X\X\]H[][ܘ[Y[ٙ\[ۘ[Y\H[[\ܙX]YH[ܙH[Y\\Y\\][ۜ[[ܙX\[H\X]Y[[]X˂X\[ܙH]˜]X[[KK][ۜݚY[\Z[[K[^ \ [KP]Y MY][ۂTT&\ ܙ[X[TH]\”Xۚ^H\\[][ܘ[Y[^\[YH\ K ^ۈXHܘ[[\][PPۙ\[H[[YY‚\\[\][ۘ[ Hؘ[XY\[[ݘ]]BXXY]HXY\\[[YH\[X[TH]\[\\\]XSۙKKHTH]\YZۛ܈H[]™[ܘ[Y[]H]\XYH^[\K[[[ݘ]]H][ۜ\[؛[\ˈB\][ܘ[Y[]YܚY\[YN(HHY[HوHYX\]\Xۚ^\H\\Y[]\ۙHXݙH[^[ۙœHH\[\YHX[Z\[][]K(HHXYH]\ۛܜ[ٙX\š\XY\X[H[H\Hو][BYHوH[ٙX\܈H][X[[\x&\^K(HHXHXY\\]\[ٙX\˜\^[\YY\H\]وXY\\[]™[ܘ[Y[ Z[H[]X]]H[\ݙHB]\وH[\܈\\\Y[YZ[[YX][ۋ[\YX[˂(HH[][]H[\X]\ۛܜ[ٙX\܈\\Y[]\[Y[[[][ۜ\][Z\[][]K[\YY\XK[[\Y\B