AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS Deadly Ambush Attacks Against Cops Have Increased Dramatically This Year 3-5 Kipod Cloud for Video Content Search & Alarm Monitoring 5-6 ALPR: A Formidable Weapon in the War Against Crime and Terror 7-12 Syrian Suicide Bomber in Germany, Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Chief 13-15 CBP Canine Team Locates Missing Man & Child, Reunites Family 15-16 SkyTracker™: Helping Drones Share Our Skies… Safely (Video) 16-19 Quantum Brings Greater Versatility for VMS & Analytic in Surveillance 20-21 TASER’s 3rd Annual RISE Awards to Recognize Heroes in Law Enforcement 21-22 One Pivotal Incident Inspired Longer Lasting Batteries for Land Mobile Radios 23-24 10 Tips to Help in Active Shooter/Orlando-Type Situations 25-27 LAPD Deploys Axon & TASER to 7,000 Front Line Officers 27-30 Flashpoint’s New Research Illuminates Jihadists’ Digital Toolbox 30-32 NYPD, FDNY & DHS Stage Active Shooter Scenario at High School 33-34 CHP Orders Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Sedans for Statewide Fleet (Videos) 34-35 Apollo Video Competes in AST Homeland Security Awards 36-37 ICE Arrests 112 Convicted Criminal Aliens from LA Area 38-39 Students Install Active Shooter Detection System 40-41 CohuHD Launches RISE Series Ruggedized Dome Positioning System 41-42 DeKalb County PD Chooses BodyWorn™ Body Camera (Videos) 43-44 Identity Theft: Even One Victim Affects Us All 45-46 Axis’ Zipstream – More Video & Less Storage 47 Are SSH User Keys “The Big Short” of the Security Industry? 48-50 Oncam & Pivot3 Host OnCampus Education Symposium in Chicago 50-52 CBP VirTra Virtual Firearms Training System 53-54 Anti-Terrorist Barriers Protect Against Vehicle Threats at RNC & DNC Conventions 55 41 Arrested in Multinational Human Smuggling Takedown 56-59 NASBLA Competes in AST Homeland Security Awards 59-60 AZ CBP Officers Stop Weapons, Ammo Headed for Mexico 61 DH LMѡݕЁ ɑȁMɥ䀘%ɅѥɍЁAɥɥѥ((ȴ((1=% 1չ́Y%%0 Ʌ5((̴((؁5᥍9ӊé%ѕȁ չѕəЁ%I((Դ()՜IU͕a ɥϊdѼM՝9ɍѥ́ѡԁA((ش()5չAՉMѵ́QɸѼ-ѥ5͠]ɕ́9ݽɭ((ܴ() ѽI՝Mѥ́=́Mѕȁ݅́5ͽɤ5Mɍ́M((() @AЁQЁUͥ ɥ́Ѽ%ѥUL ɑȁ ɽ͕((ȴ()IѡѡYՔфȁ5ɸ1܁ɍ((д()Յɐ ѕ́MP!Mɥ݅ɑ((ܴ((