AST Digital Magazine July/August 2016 - Page 15

Volume 6 Investigators say the two teenagers met last year as in-patients at a psychiatric ward. Both were being treated for online game addiction, among other things. After the Munich attack, Herrmann urged the German government to allow the country’s military to be deployed to support police during attacks. Germany’s post-war constitution, because of the excesses of the Nazi era, only allows the military to be deployed domestically in cases of national emergency. Herrmann has called those regulations obsolete and said that Germans have a “right to safety.” In January, Bavaria’s justice minister launched a state program in Ansbach meant to teach refugees the basics of law in their new host country. The initiative came amid growing tensions and concerns in Germany about how it would integrate the estimated 1 million-plus migrants it registered crossing into the country last year. Classes include lessons about freedom of opinion, the separation of religion and state and the equality of men and women. “Germany is an attractive country because it respects the dignity of every human being,” an educational film shown to newcomers said, “and it is supposed to stay that way.” The Associated Press contributed to this report. July-Aug 2016 Edition CBP Canine Team Locates Missing Man & Child, Reunites Family A U.S. Border Patrol canine team located a missing man and child near Pittsburg, 8 QՕ͑)Q͕ɍɅѥՑѡA͉ɜA)ѵа9܁!͡ɔ͠ ɑȁAɽ́ͥѡ ȁ̰Yи)Mхѥ ѽ́ ɑȁAɽѕѥ @)==Ʌѥ́́ͥѼѡ)A͉ɜAЁ+qQ́ɕ͍Քͥѱ䁥Ʌѕ́ѡݽɬ) ɑȁAɽ́=Ʌѥ̰́ѡչՔѥ́ ɑȁAɽ)͕̰ѡѥٔѹ́͡)9Ѡ չ䁱܁ɍЁ̳tͅ)Aհ-աAɽЁ ɝѡ )́ ɑȁAɽхѥq$ѡѕ)эѡѼɕչєѡ́䰁$)ɽՐѡѥٔЁ䁽ȁͥє܁ɍЁɽ̻ͥt)䁽ȁ݅́ͽѠѡM) ѥЁ1ݡ́՝ѕ)͕Ʌѕɽ́ݥѡȁ՝ѕȸQ)ݥݸ @ȁIє́)ѡM ѥЁ1Ёɽ᥵ѕ(ԁѼɕЁȀ啅ȵ͉)ݼ啅ȵ՝ѕȁͥQ䁡չȁɕ͕Ʌѕ)ѡ՝ѕȁЁхЁ)ȁ)Qɕٕ́ɕєٕɕݥѠ͔)ɕиQɔɔ܁ɽ́ѡɕЁ()ɕѕ䁕Ѽи((