Association Event Network September 2018 - Page 8

8 Case Study September 2018 North East prescription for success NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau’s director of business events Paul Szomoru shares insights into its strategy for targeting associations. NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau’s Conference Ambassador Programme involves 600 academics, researchers and professionals from across the region’s universities. It is 17 years old and, in 2015, we won Best Industry Partnership for our work on the programme at the ABPCO annual awards. It’s our number one source for new business and is absolutely key to attracting international association conferences to the region in areas of specialism that we excel in. Our main sector strengths and expertise in NewcastleGateshead are sustainability and medical sciences, tech and digital, off shore and marine, plus professional business services and logistics. We work hard to identify academics and professionals in these fi elds that may have an infl uence on where their next association conference is held. We’ll then work closely – the ambassador providing the specialised knowledge and our team pulling together high-quality bid documentation, off ering unbiased advice on venues, booking delegate accommodation, helping to create exciting social programmes and supporting throughout the whole process – all free of charge. Our bureau works in close partnership with Newcastle and Northumbria universities; we hold joint events for academics and support staff to show them the benefi ts of bringing a conference here. We also profi le the key research strengths of the universities. Th is has resulted in us bidding and winning recent major association conferences including Th e European Th yroid Association’s 41st Annual Meeting, Th e Association of the Study of Obesity ( 2WFT6w&W72&W6GFR766Ff"FR7GVGbVF6VGV6F( 2V66VFf2VWFr@FR'&F6VGV6F&W6V&6766FV6fW&V6RWv67FRVfW'6G2&W7B&V6v6VBf G27G&VwF2vVr&VF6RB6Ɩ6G&2( 2B2RbFRT( 2VFrVF6662B26RFFRWv67FPVfW'6G7FGWFRf"vVrTFP&vW7Bf6ƗGbG2BWW&RVvRFRFW&F6VG&Rf ƖfR2FRT( 2f'7B&FV6wfvRF& *3FWfVVBv6W6W0ƖfRvVFvR&BFR7FGWFR`VvVWF72W&RFRf'7BƖ6V6Rv0w&FVB'FRfW'FƗG&VwVF"F7&VFR&'vFF&VRvVWF2&VG2FWfVV@FBv&RW6VBF&WfVB6G&VGpg&vVWF2F6V6W2Wv67FRVfW'6G26RbFPW'FW'2Wv67FRVƗWv67FRw0*33Sfw6&V7BFB'&w2FvWFW 6FV֖V&Ɩ26V7F"6VFW2'W6W70BGW7G'&FW"F7&VFRv&6VG&Pf"W&&fFFRV'BbFR6GFRFfF6VG&RFR6FPv&RRFFRFfF6VG&Rf"vVrFRFfF6VG&Rf"FFBFRF7FGWFPf"VF&W6V&6fF'6W'fF'䔅$Wv67FTvFW6VB26"6VG&Pf"FR&VWv&Rfb6&RB7V'6VVW&wGW7G&W2B2Rb66VG&W2f fb6&R&VWv&RVvVW&r4$RVvBFR&Vv2RFFRv&N( 27@Gf6VB7FVVGV&Rf6ƗGWv67FP