Association Event Network September 2018 - Page 6

6 ABPCO September 2018 Leading from the heart After ABPCO’s successful AGM at etc.venues County Hall recently, AEM sat down with the new chairs, Kate Sargent and Jo Powel, to find out all about the new plans for the association. What are you most looking forward to? There is a balance of the grand plans and the simple opportunities when you take on a senior role in such an iconic association. We are excited to deliver on ABPCO’s mission and values, that were developed and announced last year. They offer exciting stories to better engage current members, while reeling in the new. Having watched the association succeed over the last few years, it will also be a pleasure to be so instrumental in its ongoing success and development over the next two years. However, there are also the more personal opportunities that are just as exciting; as joint chairs we will get to know the members better, build great relationships, make new friends and, of course, have the pleasure of working closely with Heather (Lishman – association director - Ed). What are the priorities over the next two years? Our annual engagement survey provided some incredible feedback and superb results from across the membership. We have a core group of active members, who truly appreciate that you get out of ABPCO what you put into it. They see the benefits in real terms across all our pillars – excellence, belonging and learning. However, it was clear that there are some members on the periphery who feel there is more to be done. Most frustrating is the fact that we are already meeting their needs but they just aren’t aware. Our biggest focus will, therefore, be on better communication and, in particular, clear demonstration of our value. What will be your biggest challenge? Clearly it is going to be following the amazing work of those who have come before. Caroline and Nicole, Therese and Rose… they have done so much for the association, delivering so many positive changes and improvements. It will be a hard act to follow. However, despite some big tasks ahead – including the development of the new website, we have a great executive team behind us, who know how to work together and deliver for the good of the whole membership. What is it about ABPCO that makes it successful? It might sound obvious, but it is the people and what they bring with them. ABPCO feels like a family. Whether you are part of a wider agency working in the industry or an individual focused on events within an association we offer a home, a place to be with like-minded people who can share the good times and the bad. Unlike many other organisations, ABPCO feels like it has a heart and that is what truly sets it above the rest.