Association Event Network September 2018 - Page 17

September 2018 Case Study 17 Event tech provides rich soil for fertiliser event growth Cvent provided the event tech nutrients for the IFA to make a success of its conferences Case Study: Th e International Fertiliser Association (IFA) Products used: Onsite Solutions, Event Management Solutions and CrowdCompass Attendees: 1,500 Th e IFA organises around seven conferences for their members every year in various cities. Th e in-house event planning team are tasked with managing all event requirements from audio-visual to food and beverage as well as delegate travel and accommodation. With roughly 1,500 delegates attending the series of events, the IFA team found the registration process a major challenge as they were required to manually update registration lists; a tedious task of constantly removing cancelled participants and adding new ones. Badges were an issue, too. Th e team worked late, printing name tags to assemble prior to the day of the event. In addition, the team were required to print 50 page lists of attendees to include in a conference kit. Not only was printing time consuming and costly, the information was almost never up to date on the day of the event due to last-minute registrations and cancellations. Why Cvent? Before working with Cvent the IFA already had an event registration website, software for registering delegates, a separate system to print badges and a mobile event app. Th e planner team decided to use Cvent after attending a live demonstration of their event management technology and responding favourably to their integrated system which synchronises data across various components. Th e IFA used Cvent’s Online Event Management Solutions for registration and could track the number of delegates attending – aiding in room selection for sessions and allowing for last -minute venue changes. Time usually spent compiling participant and rooming lists, creating badges and working on reports could be redirected as all requests were manged through one system. Later, IFA decided to adopt the CrowdCompass mobile event app. Th is enabled the team to synchronise their speaker and programme information directly into the app (saving time on copying and pasting data from one application to another). Th e team could also conduct live polls, send push notifi cations to delegates alerting them to updates and collect feedback through post- event surveys to improve the experience at future conferences. Cvent’s Onsite Solutions, including an on-demand badge printing system, allowed IFA to provide a seamless check-in experience for delegates and allowed them to update their registration information (not possible previously). Th e number of hostesses required onsite reduced from 15 to 5 and registration desks were replaced by four iPad stations. Th e reporting feature was a great asset, with a click of a button the team were able to analyse statistics from past events and compare them to current events. Client comments: Th e IFA plans to continue its partnership with Cvent and considers its products a game changer. Jessica de Lafargue, event planner, IFA, said: “Cvent really simplifi es the event planning process. As the registration system and CrowdCompass app are synchronised planners are able to save a lot of time. Th e onsite solutions get rid of all the stress, especially when registration opens and all the participants come in.”