Association Event Network September 2018 - Page 14

14 Metrics September 2018 10 KPIs for measuring attendee satisfaction Stephen Kim, content marketing strategist at Bizzabo, shares the following tips on which KPIs are most helpful when capturing attendee satisfaction. Any sound event strategy will consist of multiple methods for maximising attendee satisfaction. After all, the main objective of any event is to delight those who chose to attend. However, measuring this aspect of the event can get tricky. It’s important to understand attendee satisfaction as a quantifi able metric as opposed to a strictly qualitative variable. Additionally, it’s important to remember that attendee engagement and satisfaction are closely linked. Th e degrees to which attendees are engaged during your event will be a clear indicator of their overall satisfaction level with the experience. Keep in mind that attendee engagement and attendee satisfaction are not the same thing. Rather, the former helps to inform the latter. Th e key diff erence is that engagement KPIs help to contextualise overall attendee satisfaction, creating a more robust and insightful post-event analysis. Featuring metrics that overlap both attendee engagement and satisfaction, here are 10 KPIs to help you better measure attendee satisfaction: 1) Repeat registrations Remember that attendee satisfaction does not have to be isolated per event. One of the most important ways an individual can show delight for your event is by being a repeat attendee. Keep close track of all individuals who have come to your event for a second or even third time. Having a signifi cant subset of loyal attendees is the base you’ll need to build a strong event audience. In fact, you should always have a specifi c marketing strategy reserved for individuals “The main objective of any event is to delight those who at