Association Event Network September 2018 - Page 13

September 2018 Survey “Only 29% said they found event technology to be very important and were using it on most of their events, 23% said they are not using event technology regularly and 13% said it was no use at all.” Reviewing bi-annually is what we have recommended when infl ation is very low, as currently. However, some suppliers have been increasing costs well over infl ation and this needs to be factored into the pricing as quickly as possible to maintain the event surplus. Perhaps one of the most interesting statistics to come from the research was the 51% of associations that are not trying new formats such as webcasting, virtual events and webinars. We expect to see a steady rise in virtual events in the future as associations fi nd they must work harder to provide value for all their members - more events with no costs for venue, travel, hotels, etc. but better experience remotely with more professional technology and hosting is an opportunity many will pursue. 13 With sponsorship and exhibiting critical to producing a surplus, we were surprised at fi rst with 45% fi nding it hard to sell, however, 32% with no dedicated sales person and 35% not customising packages, this challenge seems well explained. Good news was that 60% had recently updated their packages and pricing. Th e issue of association event directors and HODs and the events being undervalued in the strategy of associations was a common issue raised, and, with more research and analysis and input from associations, we expect this to be thoroughly discussed and addressed at the Associations Congress in December at the Novotel London West.