Association Event Manager March 2019 - Page 9

March 2019 sustainably and whether it can be reused or recycled to minimise waste following an event. There is an opportunity for circularity within our supply chain here, a chance to put back what we take out but only if it is thought about and prioritised from the start. Quality education and partnership – as already discussed the very nature of events is that they provide a platform to communicate and educate. We have a duty not to let those opportunities go to waste and to maximise the fact that we have a captive audience at each of our events. Even if it is only for a few minutes we can tell them something new, change hearts and minds and improve attitudes. The same can be said for our partnerships – no one organises an event alone – you need to work with a host of individuals and companies to succeed, which creates further opportunity. Tell your partners and suppliers what you expect from them at the start of the process. Bring them on board with your sustainability message… even include it in your tenders. Reducing inequalities – this is another huge topic with wide ranging ramifications. Inequalities are sometimes obvious and well known but often they are hidden and overlooked simply due to a lack of awareness. Even top performing companies and organisation could probably do more when it comes to inequalities based on gender, sexuality, racial or disability. However, they are wider challenges including geography, education or simply how effective someone is at putting themselves forward and demonstrating why they are the best person for a particular role. Aside from being ever more open minded and conscious of decisions that sideline people we also need to consider how we can educate and inform others to make sure we are again using our platforms to stamp out inequalities wherever they occur. ABPCO has worked with Positive Impact to create a Sustainability Roadmap that looks at these issues and more. It is not a simple fix and we don’t have the final solution for everyone but we do have a starting point and a fair idea of a destination. All we ask is that you take some time out to consider the journey ahead and see where you can join us for the benefit of all. ABPCO Roadmap ABPCO members collaborated to create a roadmap to a sustainable events industry 9