Assisi Aid Projects Annual Report 2016 - Page 6

Key achievements: • Top: 17 Model Farmers attended a range of agricultural trainings over the year. They are now passing on this knowledge and skills to other farmers. Mr Loem Chum, (top left) lives in a floating village on the Tonle Sap lake. Through training he has built a floating garden using bamboo and chopped up water hyacinth as soil. Now he is growing water spinach, cabbage, chillies, salad greens, and eggplants. • Right: Savings Club award ceremonies held in June 2016, celebrated the members work, their savings as well as raising awareness on the importance of saving money to the broader community. • This year, the Ecotourism Group has proven their commitment to working collectively. They have developed a range of tours to attract tourists which includes: cycling, kayak and hiking. Check out their Facebook page: 6