Assisi Aid Projects Annual Report 2016 - Page 14

Our Partners Our projects would not be possible without the local expertise and skill of our in-country partners. Assisi Aid Projects would like to acknowledge and thank our partners in India and Cambodia for their work and commitment. In India, Assisi partners with Integrated Development Trust (IDT) in Kancheepurum district and Perambalur Social Service Society (PSSS) in Trichy district. Our two projects in Tamil Nadu have a team of 48 staff who are trained specialists in community development. In Cambodia, Assisi has partnered with Live & Learn Environmental Education since 2010. This partnership has provided an opportunity for the transfer of the Self-Help Group model from India to Cambodia. This has seen the successful set up of 17 Savings Groups in rural areas of Cambodia. Many of these groups have been W&Fprf"bV'2@7GW&VB&fSƗfRbV&6&F7FfbB6VGV&W'2g&&FG&Vp&VrBB6F6VW2BFR&VfV7Fv&6VB7F&W"#b7GW&VC7"FVWF&vB@7"7FVBEB6W27"FVWF2FRvpG'W7FVRbEBB7"7FVFPfVFW"b766f&bG&p6VG&R6FVW2W"6W'f6R0VF"ࠠ