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SHE CARRIES A PLANBeauty TO CHANGE GOSPEL for Ashes THE Conference TEMPERATURE OF OUR NATION By Dave Mann, Director, Shining Lights Trust City Church, Tauranga After a gap of 16 years another national evangelism conference will be held this year. Called ‘Engage’, it is intended to be a rallying point for evangelism, at which church leaders and members can be inspired and equipped to help their churches when they return home. But it’s not just about the conference! Conference facilitator, Dave Mann of the Shining Lights Trust and coordinator of the recent Hope Project, says “It’s time for this; and it’s not only us who are seeing it. Many have felt the ‘evangelistic temperature’ of our nation change these past few years, and it’s created a readiness for something like this.” evangelism these past few years. In partnership with the Hope Project we’ve seen hundreds of churches, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, starting to equip their members for evangelism through their pulpits and small groups. This is hugely significant, because most of these churches had almost no evangelism training before this. I’m hearing of churches where the word ‘evangelism’ is returning to common use, because what people now associate with the word are improving so much. There are pastors doing door-to-door visitation in their neighbourhoods. Our end-ofproject survey even showed that 64% of partnering churches had members who had taken Hope Project booklets to people at the doors of ’no circulars’ houses. There is something happening in our nation.” way! Eventually passion for the gospel would start to overflow, resulting in a higher level of initiative and innovation in outreach, with all the broad-reaching implications of this.” “At the very least, imagine if hundreds of churches became better at mobilising their many thousands of church members. It can only spell good news! This is possible, and that is the place that this conference fits into. It is one of four new initiatives serving this vision, and an important one. Our intention is to hold this conference annually for the next five years or more, so there is a place that Christians can come for inspiration and receive tools to take back to their churches. This conference will provide this for pastors, small group leaders, church members, youth leaders, children’s leaders, those in apologetics and for community ministry people. There’s something for everyone who has a passion to become more effective in their mission.” Friday August 12th - 13th Twenty-16 Faith City Church, Springvale Wanganui “But 127 the question is how all this is toRoad, be Conference partners include Willow Creek NZ, Alpha, Maori Postal, Caleb Leadership Ministries, OAC, Evangelism Explosion, Alpha NZ, Long Story Short, Church Army, Thinking Matters, Train to Proclaim, Operation Mobilisation, Christian Camping NZ, NZ Christian Network, and Rhema Media. continued. It goes without saying that we won’t see levels of engagement in spiritual conversations continuing to increase, like they did in many churches over the past five years, unless there is some intentional ‘feeding’ of this part of church life! But to give you a vision of what could be, we ask ‘ what might happen if hundreds of churches throughout the nation did do some specific things over the next five years to grow this area?’ Eventually there would be a tipping point, at which the DNA of the gospel would get into the DNA of our churches and members in a new Phone: 06 345 0265 Pip Batten “We’re hopeful this conference will quickly become an annual feature on many church calendars”, says Mann. “Some churches have seen changes in their members’ views toward Edition #2 JULY 2016 32 | EMPOWERED MAGAZINE Featuring Key Speakers: Amy Muranko Gahan It will be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September at City Church Tauranga, located at (252 Otumoetai Rd. Iliafi & Fia Esera You can find out more about the first national ‘Engage Conference’ at The fuller vision from the Shining Lights Trust can be viewed at the homepage at Eastside Estate, Building 2, 15 Accert Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 Phone Fax  N [K]X[ M]X[[[XZ[B]XY۞ܙ˛X]BH˘Y۞ܙ‚͍H H Š͍H H MB