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FROM THE PHILIPPINES MANILA, PHILIPPINES By Simon and Anna Newman, Missionaries in Philippines Hi from Manila, Philippines. This is our fourth year living in the Philippines and we are glad to have made it through another hot season! The projects we have been involved in here have changed a lot since we first arrived, as we have tried to remain adaptable to the different circumstances we have encountered. Anna has continued running kid’s classes with a number of children in our community. The hot season means it is summer holiday time, so Anna has been running additional classes over the holidays teaching and helping the kids to become more confident speaking English. Everyone has had a lot of fun, and the kids have helped Anna learn more Filipino along the way. The micro loans program has continued, but the number of loans has decreased for now, as the focus has been on the kid’s English classes over the summer break. The original bakery program Simon started initially has now made way for youth job training, focused on helping youth prepare for employment, teaching them basic budgeting, writing a resume and drugs and alcohol awareness, creating a future plan and applying for work. On completion of the training we help the youth gather some key requirements needed for them to apply for work. We have found this training to be very beneficial, with a number of young people gaining employment after participating in it. This, in t