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Bible Society. “They arrive on our doorstep as refugees and we will send them forth as missionaries”. During our time we met a man we will call “M”. M formally served in the Kurdistan Peshmerga as a soldier. In 1978 Saddam Hussein changed the Iraqi constitution, establishing that there were only two people groups in Iraq, Kurds and Arabs. The Assyrian Christians, an indigenous population of Iraq, were thus to be called Christian Kurds, or Christian Arabs. Those who accepted this were tolerated, but those who did not and wanted to maintain their Assyrian Christian identity were accused of treason and risked death. Many joined the Kurdish opposition and fought against the regime. Today the Assyrian Christians have no allies and are not safe in Iraq. During the time Saddam Hussein was in power M was taken captive by Saddam’s forces. In prison his upper teeth were pulled out, his fingers were broken and he was subjected to electrocution. These are his own words. “All I knew was fighting and being in prison. I did not know about a real faith in Jesus”. One night he was told he was to be executed the next day. During that long night there was an appearance of a bright light that shone into his cell and a hand reached out of the light and touched his hand. He thought he was the only one in the cell experiencing this, but the other men in the cell experienced it as well. The next day Saddam's regime fell and they were all released and free to go. When ISIS captured Mosul in August 2014 M knew that no Christians would be safe. He and a number of Peshmerga soldiers went immediately to the Mosul University and evacuated all the Christian women students because they knew what ISIS would do to them. Then, taking his family, they made their way to Erbil and finally ended up in Jordan. Since arriving in Amman in late 2014 M has been very active in the refugee community. The big change came in his life when he was invited to the Evangelical Free Church near the place where he was living. It was the first time in his life that he had experienced this form of praise, worship and prayer. Through the preaching of the word of God he realised that he was a sinner and he repented and gave his heart to the Lord. Since then he has learned how to pray, often spending many hours in the presence of the Lord. He now works with the Church leadership ministering to other refugee families. Through the preaching of the word of God, he realised that he was a sinner and he repented and gave his heart to the Lord. new man, serving in the ever expanding Kingdom of God in these difficult days. Across the Middle East the persecution of Christian minorities in Iran, Iraq, and Syria is causing the Church to grow in an unprecedented manner. In Iran in 1978 there were only 500 known believers, but today a conservative estimate reckons there are between five hundred thousand and one million. In Turkey, if the current trend continues, there will be nearly two hundred thousand believers by 2025. In Jordan the hundreds of Assyrian Christians flooding into the country and coming into renewal are having a positive effect on the tiny Jordanian Christian Community. To respond HYY[H[\[[[X[H]H[^وYYHYYY\H\H[\؛ܛB]H[YHܙ[X[\ܘY[K]–X[[[\H[Y8'H\[ڙX8'K܈\\[ܛX][ۈۈH\[ڙX۝X\]\؛ܛHK‚H]\]\YK[[[[[]H\[Z[HY[X\[HX[\\Y[[H[\و[[X[BHܘXHوHܙH\XYHBTQḦSH M ‚