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PURSUING THE CALL By Doug and Kalinda Lichtwark, Missionaries For some the call to missions comes early, while for others a simple willingness to serve later leads to the confirmation of a call. No matter how it comes, the call of God requires each of us to act, to sacrifice and to partner with God in order to complete the race set before us. It is only then that we can see the rewards of our labour, lives transformed and communities impacted by bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. As a young man and a new believer, Doug felt a strong call to the mission fields of Asia. He knew to fulfil this call he would need someone supportive by his side. Although not aware of her own specific calling at the time, Kalinda knew the direction of Doug’s life before marrying him and was willing to partner with him in it. timing for Asia, Doug and Kalinda began their family and surrounded themselves with people they could encourage to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives. Keeping their passion for Asia alive, Doug lead various teams for short term trips before taking Kalinda and their three young daughters for their first family mission trip in 2006. While the magnitude of unanswered questions seemed overwhelming, this experience sealed in their hearts, a desire to move to Asia and commit their lives to building the Kingdom in God in a very special part of the world. With their hearts turned toward Asia, Doug and Kalinda decided to immerse themselves in Asian culture and complete their Bible School training in Singapore. This time of training was significant in its shaping of their leadership style and passion for missions. It was their belief in the power of the local church to transform lives, coupled with the leading of the Holy Spirit, that saw Doug and Kalinda return to NZ to further serve in their local church. Then in 2009, there was an unmistakable knowing that the time to fulfil God’s call to Asia was now. Every step of the way the Lord confirmed His calling and timing through Scripture, signs, prophetic words and divine contacts. When the time came to announce their plans to begin a new adventure in Asia, many people were not surprised. Within six months Doug, Kalinda and their girls aged 7, 9 and 11 boarded a plane to move to a city of 6 million people who spoke a language they didn’t understand. Nothing was familiar and everything was scary but God honoured their willingness to leave. He honoured their sacrifices in leaving friends and family behind to do something radical for the Kingdom. Doug successfully developed his consulting business before taking on a full time Pastoral role, discipling new believers and developing Christian leaders. Kalinda reentered the secular counselling environment, bringing a Christian perspective to those struggling with mental health issues. Determined not to race ahead of God’s Since 2010, a full immersion lifestyle has seen Doug and Kalinda commit to learning the local language and understanding the local culture. This has been a vital part of being equipped for the vision to being part of bringing transformation to the nation they are called to. Doug currently trains Pastors and Leaders in underground training centres, releasing them to bring the Gospel to the unreached. Kalinda partners with an anti human trafficking ministry, leading teams into Red Light Areas bringing the love of God to everyone caught in Asia’s sex trade. Once reached and rescued, she works with the Holy Spirit to restore the lives of the women victimised by human trafficking. The rewards of hearing and obeying the call of God, whether it is at home or in another nation, are immeasurable. God has placed Kingdom initiatives in every one of us, the fruits of which multiply well beyond our own understanding. Doug and Kalinda Bio Doug and Kalinda have lived with their three beautiful daughters in East Asia since 2010. Doug is a gifted teacher in the Word of God, he carries an anointing to equip and minister encouragement to the Body of Christ. Doug’s focus is providing teaching and training support for local Pastors and leaders of the unregistered church. With nearly 15 years Pastoral experience, specialising in discipleship and leadership training, Doug entered into full time Pastoral Ministry from a background in Management Consultancy. Kalinda ministers from a strong prophetic gifting bringing deliverance and healing to victims of human trafficking. While restoring freedom for those held captive in the darkness of Asia’s red light districts, she also trains and inspires women to reach their potential in God. Kalinda holds an Honors Degree in Social Work from Massey University. She has over 20 years counselling experience, specialising in bringing healing to those affected by the trauma of sexual abuse. ISSUE #2 JULY 2016 | 25