Assemblies of God Empowered Magazine Kingdom Initiatives - Page 22

2020 VISION 2020 VISION: THE POWER OF TEAM Pastor Pat Lamborn, Executive Presbyter and OM Facilitator, Senior Pastor, Connect Church Christchurch, NZ One of my favourite events in the ministry of Jesus is found in Mark 2:1-12. You know the story: a group of people band together to bring a paralysed man to Jesus. If they can just get him to Jesus then he will be healed. They reach the place where Jesus is teaching and there is just no way they can get him through the crowd into the house. But they are not even about to give up! Thinking outside the box, they carry him onto the roof, dig through the clay and branches to open up a hole and lower him right into the middle of the meeting! These guys must have really cared about their friend. Think of the effort they went to: they must have taken turns carrying him from where they lived, they got him onto the roof, they made a hole (and presumably repaired it!) and they lowered him down. They had to put up with shouts of indignation from the crowd below, maybe even the owner, but they worked on despite the frosty disapproval of the Pharisees who would have been outraged at the interruption. You get my drift? They worked and worked hard to get this unfortunate man to Jesus. And it was worth it! v5 When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Jesus went on to heal him as well: v9 He said to the paralytic, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!” What I see is the power of team. Together they got the helpless man to Jesus. What he couldn’t do they did for him \\]Z\Z][X[ۂSTTQPQVSB[ܛYHۙ\[Z\XHق[][ۈ[X[[ˈ[\۸&]]]H[YH\[B\[\Y[H[\[][]Y\˜[][ۏ[H܈]]\X\ۈ[]\[\ۈZ\ۋ][YY[Hܚ[]\[[H\\ˈ]8&\]\[\\\H[X] ]Z\X[HZHH[B][ۜˈYX]H\\\قZ\[ۘ\Y\[[\\[\ܝ[Z\[ۈY[Y\]Hۙ˜Y[H\^HوXX[[B]H]و\ [\[\\ܚ[ۈZ\ۋ]ܚ[]\\\ZHH[] ]\ۙHقH[[[Y\وH\[XY\›و[]\ܛYY\ݙ\L YX\Yˈ^HX[\Y]ܛZ\[ۜYYY[\][™[\ܚ[]\[[\ܝZ\[ۘ\Y\ˈH[XBY[[[ NLMHH\[XY\ق\H\\\\X[[ݙ[Y[[Hܛ]\\[L[Y\[\[ ˍHZ[[ۂY[X\ˈ]8&\H\وX[K TSӎH\H\\[][YH\[ۂ[[\]]H\]\H[ݙBܝ\\H[H]HX[B[X\YۈH]YHXx&]B[Y \[ێH[XX [ܙHX\XXY[Hܛ\HBYX\ X\XXY[Hܛ\ŠH\H[\]YH]Xܛ\š]HXXK[\Y][\[ݙ[Y[ ^H[Y]XXZ\ۈ[K^H\H\[\Y[YY[]Z\[H\ X\ZHHY[Y\و\XKZ[[ [XXK[XKHZYBX\ X\\]\H8$[X[H[ܙH8$œX\\HH[\۸&]ۛۈY] XY]H\x&\H\[\Y[ۘ[[\[H\\و L LMB\\ܚ]\YۙBXX[H^ YX\^ܙBܝ[]Y\]\[X[\]\Z\H\ܝ]\[^H]\H[Y]HBZ\Hو[H L[HX[\Y[H[][ۜ\][Y\Hܚ]\[[HX\و[BYY\[[H]\\˂\x&]HY[\H\\[ۂXܛ\[ݙ[Y[]\Y[[]\YHHYHH\[ۈ܂H[Hܛ[[Hق^][Y[[[X\][ۈوܚ[˜XܛHY[ۜˈH[Y]H]H\ق\\X[[ۈ\H[ݙ[Y[ ^][\HH\[ۈوB\H][ZY8']\[^\˜Y[^H[X][ۈXXH[\H\\ۛ۸)'BH[Y]H][\X\ۈق\\H\H[YHX[H[ܙBZ\[ۘ\Y\Z\Y\[[ [ܙBX[\HH\\[\Y[ۜš][HY[\\وZ\]\ [ܙHڙX\Y[H[XZ[[]][ۜ]X[B\[[[\ ]^][[Y\H]H[B[X\[]\[\]H]\[[]HB)܈\HHԑ\\˜\[][YHܙ]\[ܙK