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CONFERENCE '16 appointed calling. We need to be more than “just a nice person”, we need to connect people with God. The three points Pastor Steve highlighted were “Know who You Are” (a participator in the works of Jesus – be attentive to the Spirit); “Know Who You are Ministering to…” (empathy, withholding judgment, listening, understanding cultural backgrounds) and “Engage in Theological Reflection” (something we should continuously do). Lorelle Chapman gave a compelling testimony about her challenging journey to become a Chaplain and how she is now based in the mines of Australia. It was a pleasure to welcome back Dr Sean du Toit, whose message was interestingly labelled “Priests of Human Flourishing”. We are not merely here to exist, but to flourish, to create, maintain and enjoy relationships. Sean expanded on the four aspects of Shalom – to be in a right relationship with God, other people, yourself and your environment. It would be easy for Chaplains to become “pain specialists” which can be overwhelming at times. However, we need to ensure our souls are nourished so that we can be so much more than that. We are mediators of God’s grace and forgiveness. We are called to be holy (1 Peter 1) and to have a distinctive lifestyle, because people often watch what we do more than hear what we say. You can access all of the above messages via the Chaplaincy New Zealand website ( and we would highly recommend that you take this opportunity to do so – it’s a spiritual feast! As you can see from the above, Conference attendees were immersed in the Word of God and the wisdom and experience of those who brought the Word. There were, of course, also times set aside for worship led by “Unchained”, the Cornerstone Christian Church worship team, and ministry where the Holy Spirit did what only he can do. A time for refreshing, rejuvenation and re-charging the batteries! A conference wouldn’t be a conference without good food and there was food galore! The spirit had been fed and the body wasn’t going to be left out! Ps' Amanda and Lloyd Salmon with Ps Ralph and Narelle Chaplaincy New Zealand Conference 2016 Ps Lorelle Chapman Pastors Lloyd and Amanda Salmon’s team from Cornerstone Christian Church in Waiuku were honoured to be able to serve in this capacity and were blessed by blessing others, which is a bit like being a Chaplain really! The Chaplaincy New Zealand Conference is an annual event run in June of each year. It is a great opportunity for Chaplains or those interested in Chaplaincy to get together with their peers to celebrate this amazing ministry which touches so many lives throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand and beyond. If you would like further information on Chaplaincy or CNZ, please email Ps Jay Lucas ISSUE #2 JULY 2016 | 21