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C H A P L A I N CY, N Z Chaplaincy New Zealand Conference 2016 Chaplaincy is not just a disaster response ministry - it's doing every day with people. It's entering people's lives by going into their environment and hearing their story. Christ, to understand that nothing we do can make us more valuable to God. However, we can honour Him by serving well, by being the best that we can be. “How beautiful are the feet of those that bring Good News…..” that’s our feet! By Linda Carter-Selwood, Cornerstone Christian Church, Waiuku, Auckland, NZ The Chaplaincy New Zealand Conference was held on 10/11 June in Waiuku and the theme of the Conference this year was JOY. It was a wonderful gathering of Chaplains and those interested in Chaplaincy from across New Zealand and beyond, a very special time indeed. Pastor Lloyd Salmon, the National Facilitator for Chaplaincy New Zealand (CNZ) opened the Conference by sharing the vision CNZ has to enable Chaplains to be the best that they can be; well resourced, carrying the Joy of the Lord into the world and demonstrating God’s love. In other words, building God’s Kingdom. Chaplaincy is not just a disaster response ministry, it’s doing every day life with people. It’s entering people’s lives by going into their environment and hearing their story. Our purpose is to help them understand the love God has for them by showing it to them. Jesus instructed us to “go into all the world…..” and that is what Chaplains do. Pastor Lloyd went on to say that Chaplains are not always appreciated or understood, so it is important to know who we are in 20 | EMPOWERED MAGAZINE We were also extremely blessed to have Pastor Ralph Estherby, accompanied by his lovely wife Narelle, as the guest speaker from Chaplaincy Australia. Pastor Ralph was the first Pentecostal Chaplain appointed to the Defence Corps and is also National Director of Chaplaincy Australia. Ps Ralph’s first message entitled “The Biggest Mistake” was centred around the story of the woman at the well. Her biggest mistake was telling Jesus, after he asked for a drink, that he had nothing to draw with. People can often look at Chaplains and wonder the same, so what do we have to draw with? First, an attitude of acceptance and love. Secondly, our world view and lack of prejudice. This was a challenging point, and one which caused us to examine ourselves in relation to our prejudices. Thirdly, an attitude of joy. He encouraged us to let the joy that God has over us be our strength. Ps Ralph’s second message entitled “What is Following You?” was also very impacting. He challenged us to think about what we leave behind when we leave a place, because when we leave, our testimony often begins. As Psalm 23:6 says: “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of life”. We can easily read this as a promise, but we also need to see this as a challenge. What determines what you leave behind? • What you follow closely. So ensure that you immerse yourself in God’s Word and spend quality time with him, as this will actually be left behind when you leave a place. • Following surely means to surely follow! If you follow surely, you can be certain to leave great things behind. And Ps Ralph’s third message was titled “Minus 20 Degrees”, explaining that our job is to warm people up, not immerse them in flames and expect them to be saved the first time we meet. Eph 2:1113 “…….But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away (minus 20 degrees) have been brought near through the blood of Christ”.