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YOUTH CONFERENCE N 2016 staying entrenched in God’s word. I have benefited from a closer walk with God and the ability to be vulnerable with my peers. YOTN is a must for the children of God in New Zealand.” “Every part of YOTN was amazing! All the preachers…inspiring! The presence of God…unexplainable! We have all become so much more confident and the fear has been broken!” “I loved being able to hang out with people who were not negative and enjoyed each other’s company. I really enjoyed Steve’s preaching. I loved learning from him and encountering God. My relationship with God has changed in a good way. It’s still hard sometimes, but I am trying. I told all my friends about our trip away and how awesome it was. I am not afraid to tell people I believe in God anymore.” “Being away with new people and having them become family was amazing. I loved being able to hang out with them and playing pillow cricket at night was super fun! My favourite speakers were Steve Silcock and Nick Khiroya. The worship was so good. I felt more free, and now I am not scared to tell other people about Jesus.” New Zealand. You won’t leave without being touched and changed!” “I thought Youth of the Nation was a great way to experience the love of God. Having all the youth together was really cool and made rejoicing in the Lord so enjoyable. What really changed me after going to the conference was that I experienced my moment with God and that made me more happy. I really felt loved by God.” We would like to do a massive shout out to Ben and Jenna-Marie Hoyle! You guys are legends, and we cannot thank you enough for all the love and time you put into all of our youth. “Youth Of The Nation was an awesome experience! There were some amazing speakers. One of my highlights was the worship. It was so cool to see everyone worshiping and praising God. I would highly recommend this to the youth of What an immense privilege it is for us all to work with the youth of our nation. They are the generation of change and hope! Never underestimate the power they carry! Everyone is super pumped for next year, and we cannot wait to introduce even more of our youth to Youth of the Nation. If you have never been, we would encourage you all to make it a priority to bring your youth group along! It’s an experience and a time of encountering Jesus, you don’t want them to miss. ISSUE #2 JULY 2016 | 19