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WOMEN'S MINISTRY Women's Summit 2016 WOMEN'S MINISTRY STRATEGIC SUMMIT Maura Young, Sunitha Kandregula and Fia Esera By Vasiti Waqa, Rivercity A/G, Wanganui Innovative, inclusive, intense and invigorating. Those are just a few of the words to describe the Women's Ministry Strategic Summit that was held on Auckland's North Shore 30 June - 2 July 2016. The summit was chaired by the Director of the Women's Ministry, Ps Pip Batten, and was blessed by the ministry of international Australian conference speaker and author, Ps Joy Graetz, speaking, quizzing and challenging the approximately 39 women leaders of different regions, ethnicities and ages. Together we traded ideas and experiences, strategised in small groups, expressed wish lists, expressed wider ministry and church needs as well as teased out suggestions for the way ahead. A number of clipboards with specific questions about women's ministry also found their way on to the tables in the dining room as a additional way of harnessing our ideas. Discussions covered the and views presentations of emerging 16 | EMPOWERED MAGAZINE leaders, cross cultural integration, credentialling, ministry teaching, the need for a national database of women and resources, mentoring, chaplaincy, wider community and civic leadership representation and missions programmes to name a few. We were also treated to a lecture by Ps Kerry Gordon about the theology of women in ministry. As the summit progressed, it was apparent that the women leaders shaping the Women's Ministry did not impose their ideas or ways of ministry on the gathering. Nor did they want to duplicate the programmes of women's ministries in other communities and countries. They also bravely asked us to say what we needed from our leaders. Ps Batten responded to this topic with her trademark laugh, adding she will not have any free Saturdays now for the rest of the year. One of the participants, Ps Rowena Bradley, described the gathering as a meeting of every inspiring, wonderful, powerful women of God, who desire to grow and serve the Lord in every aspect of their lives. Ps Graetz will be collating and distilling the ideas and topics covered at the summit and compiling a report to assist in building a national vision and direction for women of our Movement. 'This summit has been uplifting, motivating and full of great women of God – wanting to learn more about being kingdom minded.' Ps Maria Simeona, Kings Lake of Living Water, Taupo 'A wonderful sense of family and building connection and relationship. Also a delight and inspiration to discover the amazing things women are doing in their churches and communities and to hear their stories.' Ps Liz Brandon, Journey Church, Te Kuiti 'A great time of fellowship, connecting and learning. Great to see that our A/G NZ Women's Ministry leaders are genuinely concerned with the spiritual growth and spiritual health of our women ... I am further motivated to go back and be "who I am in my time." Ps Sola Chand, Living Waters Christian Church, Auckland