Assemblies of God Empowered Magazine Kingdom Initiatives - Page 15

KINGDOM INITIATIVES At the same time Ray & Carolien were planting in Hamilton, Heather and I were pioneering a Saturday evening evangelistic meeting on the other side of the world in Wiltshire, England. We discovered a gap which needed filling and over the next few years many people, mainly young people, were converted and baptised either in the town’s local swimming pool or at the nearby military base. This included our own three teenage children. Our youngest daughter Lucy was actually the first person to give her life to Christ at one of the early meetings. Inevitably all three children, now in their 20’s, have ended up in Christian ministry. We were not thinking in terms of anywhere outside of England in 2004, but by 2010, something unexpected was happening. The subject of New Zealand kept coming up, time and again. We would bump into people we had not seen for ages who would mention New Zealand. We would switch on TV to find there was a programme about New Zealand. It became so obvious that God was saying something that we looked for an opportunity to visit. That opportunity came in 2012 when Heather, a nurse by profession, was given a study scholarship which would include a visit to hospitals in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch. I was able to tag along by paying my fare, and it was on that trip in October 2012 that we met Ray & Carolien. Something just clicked between us. We finally managed to get here in November 2015. It seemed to be taking forever