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MISSIONS At Surachai's school Surachai and friends my family as well. And she also told me how I could pray for my family too. Q: What happened from those prayers? Surachai: It was amazing. Almost immediately my mother stopped having nightmares about evil spirits, although she used to have them most nights. Then she suddenly didn’t. I said to her it was because we were praying to Jesus. And about the same time I realised that since I had started to believe in Jesus I wasn’t afraid of evil spirits either. After a few weeks with no nightmares my family said I could do your lessons. Receiving our Team booklet the power of god's Word in thailand Valerie Bateup, Missionary in Thailand, Asia I recently had the privilege of meeting with Surachai, who had done our lessons as a child and wanted to share his faith journey. Here are some of my questions that day. Q: You are from a village where there were no Christians. Now you are a pastor here in Thailand. Can you tell us your story? 30 | EMPOWERED MAGAZINE Surachai: I was 12 when your Good News Team came to my school. Everything you said was new for me, and my friends, because we were all in Buddhist families. But as the people in your Team told us about Jesus I just knew deep in my heart that this was the truth. I asked to receive your Jesus lessons and was so excited when they came. But when my family saw the lessons they were very angry indeed. I had to write to tell your Team that my father said I was not to receive the lessons. A Team leader wrote back and said you would all pray for me and pray for God to bless Q: In what ways did the lessons help you? Surachai: They were essential. They were the only way I would ever have been able to learn about Jesus. I just heard recent statistics that say Thailand has 80,677 villages, but there are churches in only 3,419 of them (or 4%). So 96% of Thai villages have no church, and that means people in those villages have almost no opportunity to hear about Jesus. My village was in that 96%. Q: With no Christians around you were the lessons enough to help you grow in Jesus? Surachai: In some ways I think they were a great foundation. They were full of Bible stories, full of examples of Jesus and His power and his love. That helped me learn to trust in Jesus in every situation, and have the assurance too, that he is with me ­­­­­always. God’s word is the most powerful thing we can give to Thai people. Thank you for your prayers over the years for Thai children like Surachai. Please keep praying for the Good News Team as we write new lessons for children who live in villages and small towns where there are no Christians.