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MISSIONS d r o w e h t f o r e w o The P the Word of God. Robin and Margaret Aim, Missionaries in Kenya, Africa Cabbages, cows, tomatoes, pigs and onions. What do these have in common? Only that these are some of the things the students at Osiligi grow, giving them skills to earn a living. But, more important than this is their skill in finding their way around On arrival at the farm from a life of crime and struggling to survive, the first month all they get is the word of God. The students are not expected to know God before they arrive, but in their first classes they hear the Word, they read the Word, they speak the Word, they study the Word and they memorise the Word of God. This leads many of them to know the author of the Word personally. After a month of this they then start into their normal activities of basic education, counselling, discipleship and studying agriculture through theory and practical lessons. of God in them during their first month, our success rate has gone from around 20% to 76% in boys finishing our two- year program. We are assisting them to change their eternal destiny. Many of them give their lives to Jesus, and when they meet him their bondages are destroyed. Some become so hungry for God that you will find them waking early to seek God each day. What a joy it is for us to see some of our graduates going on for Jesus, becoming missionaries and church-planters, and on top of all this they now can use their farming skills to make a living. Since we started to establish the Word ISSUE #3 DECEMBER 2017 | 29