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YOUTH MINISTRY The Ultimate Navigator needed to question; especially when I was doing so well reading the map, as Jamie leaned over to check the map and my directions he discovered the map was indeed upside down and the directions I was so boldly giving him were in fact so completely wrong. Rebekah Chapman, Co Facilitator Youth Network, Connect Church Timaru, NZ I don’t know about you but I am directionless, my sense of direction is on par with my ability to read a map. When Jamie and I went on our honeymoon we had a rental car cruising around the sunshine coast, I was charged with reading the map and relaying the information to Jamie. I was quite proud of myself as I was boldly letting Jamie know where to next. Jamie however began to question my directions you see Jamie was gifted with a sense of direction as well as the ability to read a map. As he began to question my directions I became a little indignant as to why he would feel he So you can imagine my delight when google maps was invented and there was a computer who talked you through the directions letting you know each step you needed to go! I would be lost without Siri especially as our travel increases instead of trying to interpret the foreign language maps are to me I can happily sit in the passenger seat type in where we are heading and allow Siri to do the leading. No need to question, no need to worry as long as we turn when she says turn we will end up where we need to be. Although I am thankful for Siri I am far more thankful for the word of God. The word of God is our direction the word of God is the lamp to our feet and the light to our path, God sets the direction and with his leading we will end up where he is taking us. For such is God, he will guide us until death. Psalm 48:14. I am thankful that the word of God is not a foreign language I am unable to read but a map which breathes life as well as direction. As we navigate this world we need to apply the same level of trust we give to an app to the word of God, it is our direction in life, it leads us, it teaches us, it comforts us, encourages us, it corrects us. We need to prioritise the word of God in our lives turning to scripture with a greater hunger and appreciation for the treasure it is. Our prayer is that as a generation we would appreciate the living nature of God’s word, as we digest it, the spirit of our Lord would be present leading us and guiding us and as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and the living word, the distractions of this world would become smaller as the life of God’s word becomes bigger. Our prayer is that we would be passengers in God’s car allowing his word to speak the direction of where we are heading, as an individual and as a movement. ISSUE ISSUE #3 #3 DECEMBER DECEMBER 2017 2017 | | 23 23