Assemblies of God Empowered Magazine God's Eternal Word - Page 22

WOMENS MINISTRY god's eternal word Pastor Pip Batten, A/G NZ Women’s Ministry Facilitator & Co Senior Pastor, citywestchurch, New Plymouth, NZ As I reflect on the power of God’s word in and through my life I am so very grateful. I grew up with believing parents who ensured I knew all the traditional Bible stories of creation, Moses in the bulrushes, Daniel in the lions’ den, Noah and the Ark, and so on. However, as a spiritually searching young adult, I found at times that the Bible seemed confusing when I tried to read it. It wasn’t till after I became a Christian I discovered that the Bible is actually a supernatural book that needs supernatural help to read and receive its content. I learnt then not just to read the word but also to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the Father’s heart from his word. This revealed word has powerfully changed my life at every level and continues to do so. I remember early in my Christian walk, when my sinful nature and my fail \\œ[Y[YYH[ܙH\[Y][STTQPQVSB][[^HZ[[X[ۜ]8&\ܙHYHHX[ŽKL8'\YܙK\H\˜ۙ[[][ۈ܈H\H[\\\X]\HY\\\B]وH\]]\YH\][BYHHH]و[[X]8'K\œܚ\\H\Y\H\H وH[YH\\8'[Hۛ][[[ܚ܈HقHݙH[K]HY[[YXܙ[\\x'KY\H\\وܚ\\HBX\]\ݙ\[YYH^H\\[[Z][܋]\˜[Z]YXZ[H^H]܂YKH[]H[HYYHBY\YۙY܈YK]\H[YHH\›ݙ\[YY YZY[[&]ܚ›YH] ]\\ܙ]]ZY]H[۝[[\H\\Y[[›^H\] ݙ\[ݙ\YZ[HXYݙ\ ΍KM8'\[Hܙ][[\X\[X[ۈ[\ۂ[\[[[[[\^\XZ][K[H[XZH[\]œZY 'B]\8&\ܙ]Y[˜\][HY[YHH^HHY H^HH]^\[[^H\B[YKHXY[ MNM]HYY[[[[܈H][B\K8'[HYHYK]BH[H[\[Y[H][BZY[X\Z] Z]][\ []]]\[H\[^HBH]\[]H[K'B\ܙ[YY[YH[YYH\ۙX\[[H N^\8'܈H\]]H\\XZH\[ZY ]]\\\ݙH[[Y\\[x'KYYH]HY&]]X\\ۂYK[HX[^YH[[XYZ[B\YوݙK\[H[Z[\XH\X\^HX\]HY[ܚ][[[\[Y [YYY[Z[YHوH[Y\[X\[\[YHݙ\[ݙ\YZ[^KH\HH[H\[ۈXH\ X]\YHHXHوXY[›][\H\[ۜ\[\\[[Hܙ]H[YH[YHHHݙBXHB[ۘ\[ۋH]H[\ݙ\YBX\]H[HوYZ[Hܙو]\ˈ]]\]ܚ[˂\H\H[^\]][][ۜ˜X] H[H[Z]YXY[YZ[][[\ܙX]XX\›وHܙ [[][XܝX\YK][[ۙ\[\[[Z[\ˈ\\HHY[ۙ[܈\[]\\[X[Y\\\]X[YH\\Y[ۙˈ]8&\˜[XZ[Z[HY[ۙݙHYZ\]H]\[ܙو