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don’t take steps beyond what is normal for you then you will never know what bigger things God has planned for you. An “Amazing Race” was held part way through the conference as a fun event. Teams of four were given clues to race to different locations around Wairoa township. The event included a kayak race out onto the Wairoa River, a test of strength using a rope to pull a vehicle, and an endurance section. A makeup room was also run for women wanting a pamper session, complete with a makeup demonstration run by a trained beauty therapist. Guest Speaker: Pastor Fia Esera Members from the Wairoa Rock Church acted out a dance depicting what things can hold us back from the life we could be living, such as drugs, alcohol, relationships, friends and family. A prayer session was held at the end of the conference where attendees were prayed for and prophesied over by the pastors present. The success of this event and the ability of the Wairoa Rock Church to host such an amazing conference is testimony to the favour of God and the power of the Holy Spirit working in this community. We believe that we have all walked away from this conference with an enlarged vision, ready to take action, and an understanding of God’s plan for us. God is able, and is not limited by our circumstances or situations. God is able to do immeasurably beyond anything we could ever imagine or think of. The sixth annual Wairoa Rock conference will be a formal ball held in September 2018, with the theme “Kings and Queens”. The purpose of the 2018 conference is to know our identity; who we are in Christ. For more information on the Wairoa Rock Church and other upcoming events, please visit the Wairoa Rock Church Facebook page. The Amazing Race ISSUE #3 DECEMBER 2017 | 21