Assemblies of God Empowered Magazine God's Eternal Word - Page 19

FEATURE en d ! k ee W g Bi e n O s, t en Ev g Bi ee r h T Pastor Russell Williams, SALT Church, Palmerston North, NZ That's how we advertised a weekend of events at Salt Church in Palmerston North on 8th and 9th July. The first was a celebration of Matariki (Maori new year), including an afternoon children's program, a hangi and multicultural meal, followed by a multicultural concert. And what a night it was! Our very own Maori group He Ahi Ka performed kapahaka, followed by performances from the Palmerston North Samoan A/G, Palmerston North Fijian A/G, the Salt Hindi group Satsang, and a Chilean dance. Seating was on the floor Marae style to create plenty of room. This event marked another step in Salt’s journey of pursuing bi-cultural and multi-cultural partnership in Tiriti O Waitangi fashion. Earlier in the year at Easter we held our first ever Noho Marae and learned about our local history of God’s moving among the Rangitane Iwi. The second event was our annual ‘Salt Global launch’ on Sunday morning. Each year we celebrate the launching of our new overseas missions program for the coming 12 months. This was done in serious African style, complete with drums, African dance and an African stage set. We were treated to a challenging and inspiring message from John Elliot (World Outreach President Emeritus). After a recent trip to Cambodia in which myself and a team from Salt repaired homes for the poor, I was challenged by the fact that unless churches adjust their missions support each year, our missionaries’ budgets can run down. This year by faith we are raising our annual support to our missionaries by 150%. It's a big step of faith, but one that I believe God will honour as we prioritise the Great Commission. The third event on Sunday night was a movie p &V֖W&Rb'&BWrf6VB( 7&W2bFG2( f"FR7BfW V'26B2&VV7W'Fr֗76v&6VBv@Ww2FfVFVB'G"f&v2&6VBWB`V旂f'7B76V&ǒbvBVFW"7F"Fג&&WGBt2WGv&b3( G&V6VG&W>( v66G&V&P&W67VVBg&&FVB6fW'BFVF6WG&ff6r7&W2bFG2FV2FRt7F'Bv2w&VB&fVvPF&RFRf'7Bw&WFfWrFRfRvRWfVBFP&GV6W"bFRf6v6&W6VBF7VBfV@VW7F2&WBFRfRBF2w&VBv&6Br7G2FRFff6Rf"tBvVBfPF6&RF2v&vFFW"6W&6W2v&R76FP&WBrFffW&V6Rf"FR"B&vƗ6V@Ft2&VF֖Fǒ7W'FVBF&Vv6@76'26֖"Fv&Bf6B27W'&VFǒFR&vW7@#Br6&RWGv&FFWfRf6F'VBG&V6VG&W2fW"FR7BF26B2&VV&6pgVG2F'VBWr'VFrf"RbFRG&V6VG&W0FBWFr2&VVWFƗ6r6fW'FVBVG'f&vRW&66VB7&RbBV&ƖW"F2V"B'VFr0rVFW"vFRFF67B2C7Bbv6vPfR&VG&6VBखbRvVBƖRFV&&R&WBvBWw2F"FưFW2&WBW"6W&6( 2W&W&7VGW&VF7VGW&'FW'6V6RVRC'W76V&W6B&p55TR3"TuU5B#r55TR32DT4T$U"#r