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THEOLOGICAL Th e W o r d of G od & T h e o l o gi ca l Edu ca t i on Dr Sean du Toit, New Testament lecturer, Alphacrucis, NZ It is a joy and a privilege to study and teach the Scriptures, yet sometimes people ask me why I’d want to do this, and why I think this is so important. I’d like to answer them by discussing three things. First, the gift of revelation in the Scripture, secondly the notion that there are dangerous ideas which the word of God is a helpful antidote to and thirdly the need for theological 10 | EMPOWERED MAGAZINE education to help empower the church’s mission. 1. The Gift of God’s Revelation The Scriptures are a gift of revelation to the people of God. It is in and through the Scriptures that we discover the God who created the universe and everything in it. But Scripture also records many of God’s great saving