Aspiring Artist Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2 May 2014 - Page 7

My Daily Prayer

By Angey Cravens

Each morning I wake

I say my daily prayer

Thank God for waking me

With a fresh breathe of air

Thank you for showing me

How beautiful life really is

Nothing makes life complete

Like true family and friends

Thank you for every obstacle

You've placed along the way

They've made me the person

That I am today

Thank you for every blessing

I cherish each and every one

From the smallest flower growing

To the Angels that help me carry on

I pray warmth and shelter

For those out on the street

I pray they are fortunate enough

To always have food to eat

I pray protection and safety

For those fighting for a cause

Then pray strength and love

To those who feel lost

I pray God be with me

As I know he always is

I thank him once again

For all his precious gifts