Aspiring Artist Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2 May 2014 - Page 6

Please Donate

By Angey Cravens

Open Your Hearts

Many are born sick

Needing much medical care

But insurance won't pay

How is this fair?

Throughout my struggles

My family's by me

Praying for a miracle

To pay for my surgery

A little procedure

That would help me live

If a few people

Decided to give

An act of kindness

To spare my family

The tragedy that could come

All because of money

The emotional devastation

Is much more than the co$t

Without some financial help

My life may be lost

An answer from God

We hope to find

Just open your hearts,

And open your minds

That you could make

A difference in life

Just help a stranger

Don't think twice!

With all your help

You could change my fate

Giving me the chance

To be something great!

Please donate! Save a life!!!