Aspiring Artist Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2 May 2014 - Page 4

What's a model bag and what should you have in it?

This bag is essential to any model, male or female. it contains everything needed when you are working. Unforeseen things happen and coming to a photo shoot prepared is the key to a peace of mind. The Model Bag holds the "tools of your trade" which may vary from different shoots. Over time you will learn what to carry and be able to anticipate what the clients will want. Every client's needs are different based on fittings or photo shoots.

Lets start with the bag itself. I would suggest a small wheeled bag that will fit in an overhead compartment of an airplane or the half of the back seat of an vehicle. Try to keep it no larger than the average carry-on bag (19 to 22 inches). Usually at a shoot models aren't given a lot space for their belongings. I suggest something small so you can prop it on a chair or slide underneath it to avoid trips and falls with the heavy traffic from the other models going back and forth between segments and not taking up a lot of space from the other models. When packing your bag keep in mind that you will probably have more luck at adding some of the items mentioned with as many "travel sized" products as possible, checking at all times and refilling them when necessary.