Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 58

on your computer and solving problems. sets up models for people from around the world to team up.” Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, XPRIZE launched the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup XChallenge, aimed to inspire innovative solutions to speed the pace of seawater surface oil recovery. A tattoo artist from Las Vegas heard about the prize and suggested tackling the oil problem as if you were skimming ink off of skin. “The diversity of ideas ultimately leads to innovation,” says Shingles. In this case, the winning team was able to quadruple the current industry rate of surface oil recovery. The tattoo artist, Vor-Tek Recovery Solutons Creative Director Fred Giovannitti, was a finalist among more than 300 applicants. The winner was Team Elastec, an Illinois- base company that developed giant grooved discs that skimmed oil with an 89.5 percent efficiency rate. Impact is at the heart of XPRIZE’s vision and success. “The end of a competition does not mark the end of its impact,” says Diamandis. “We actively foster the resulting technology by helping facilitate its development and harness it as a force to benefit humanity.” In January, the Google Lunar XPRIZE, which has spent the past decade dangling a $20 million prize for the first privately financed venture to make it to the moon, came to an end without a winner. Shingles still sees the competition as a success, noting that hundreds of jobs were created and the first commercial space companies were established in India, Malaysia, Israel, and Hungary. One team received the first- ever “Mission Approval” from the U.S. government to send a private spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit and to the moon. “If every XPRIZE competition we launch has a winner, then we aren’t being audacious enough,” says Shingles. “If we want to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we have to continue to launch competitions that are literal or figurative moonshots.” 56 ISSUE TWO | ASPIRE ACTIVE PRIZES NRG COSIA Carbon liters of water per day XPRIZE from the atmosphere Global Learning A $20 million using 100-percent XPRIZE competition to renewable energy at a A $15 million develop breakthrough cost of no more than competition to develop two cents per liter. open-source and technologies that will convert CO 2 emissions scalable software that from power plants Google Lunar XPRIZE will enable children in and industrial facilities The $30 million developing countries into valuable products Google Lunar XPRIZE to teach themselves we use every day, like is an unprecedented basic reading, writing, building materials and competition to and math within 15 alternative fuels. challenge and inspire engineers, months. After the 15-month field-testing Shell Ocean Discovery entrepreneurs, and phase, the prize purse XPRIZE innovators from will be awarded to the A $7 million around the world team that generates competition to push to develop low-cost the best international the boundaries of methods of robotic standardized test ocean technologies space exploration. To scores within the by creating solutions win the Google Lunar group of participating that advance ocean XPRIZE, a privately children. exploration. The goal is funded team must be for the ideas generated the first to successfully Barbara Bush from this challenge to place a spacecraft on Foundation Adult allow us to fully explore the moon’s surface, Literacy XPRIZE and map the ocean travel 500 meters, and The solutions floor. transmit high-definition video and images back generated from this $7 to earth. million challenge will Anu & Naveen Jain hopefully empower Women’s Safety nearly 1 in 10 low- XPRIZE PAST PRIZES literate adults in the A $1 million Ansari XPRIZE U.S. Teams have been competition that (1995-2004) tasked to develop challenges teams to Funded by the Ansari mobile applications leverage technology to family, this competition for existing smart empower communities challenged teams devices that result in with a transformative to build a reliable, the greatest increase solution that ensures reusable, privately in literacy skills among women’s safety. financed, manned participating adult The winning team’s spaceship capable of learners in 12 months. solution will trigger carrying three people an emergency alert to 100 kilometers above the Earth’s IBM Watson AI XPRIZE while transmitting Rather than set a information to a single, universal goal network of community two weeks. for all teams, this $5 responders within 90 Progressive Insurance million competition seconds. The winning Automotive XPRIZE will invite teams to technology will cost no (2005-2010) each create their own more than $40. Three teams shared goal and solution surface twice within the $10 million prize that demonstrate Water Abundance by generating a new how humans XPRIZE consumer metric can collaborate This $1.75 million for measuring fuel with powerful AI competition challenges efficiency in cars. A technologies to tackle teams to create a group of high-risk the world’s grand device that extracts teens entered the challenges. a minimum of 2,000 contest and almost