Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 49

OPPOSITE: Hues of various hops. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Argyll Brewery’s beer masters; Argyll’s scenic headquarters near Machrihanish Dunes; ruff living at Great North Aleworks. GREAT NORTH ALEWORKS TAP BREWING COMPANY GREAT NORTH ALEWORKS IPA JOSHUA NORTON IMPERIAL STOUT Rob and Lisa North are northerners— from Nova Scotia—thus the name of their brewery located in Manchester, New Hampshire. After opening in 2015, their fairly strong, (7.0-percent alcohol by volume, or ABV), west-coast style IPA quickly became the flagship beer. Highly hopped American India Pale Ales are the most popular craft beer style, and this lively IPA lassoed a silver medal in the most crowded category at the biennial 2016 World Beer Cup competition. When spring returns to Meredith Bay, you’ll want to have some Great North Aleworks IPA on hand. The Tap Brewing Company is a 10-minute drive from Renaissance, and who doesn’t love a brewery that names its Oktoberfest beer Märzen Scorcese? Look for this slightly smoked, 9.1-percent ABV stout, named after the 19 th -century eccentric who proclaimed himself the first (and seemingly last), emperor of the United States. This brew appears on tap and in cans each November, and is scarce come late February. OCELET BREWING COMPANY TALKING BACKWARDS TRIPLE IPA If IPAs are popular and Double IPAs the current rage, why not leap directly to a rare Triple IPA? Sterling, Virginia’s Ocelot Brewing Company, located a half-hour east of Creighton Farms, brews this annually in collaboration with the D.C. craft beer bar and restaurant, Meridian Pint. Expect a knockout loaded with hops and a whopping 10.8-percent ABV. Approach with caution, as it’s named talking backwards for good reason. HYANNIS BREWERY OLD MAN WINTER There’s typically a seasonal Cape Cod Beer on tap at the Willowbend Grille Room. Ask for the 7.9-percent, ABV British-style Old Ale, rich in malty character and ideal for snifters around a roaring fire. It can be found in cans, and a slightly stronger, creamier version is briefly available on cask at the Hyannis brewery. BAHAMIAN BREWERY STRONG BACK STOUT At The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, it’s tempting to celebrate the Caribbean sun with a ubiquitous pale lager like Kalik. But since 2007, the Bahamian Brewery has been transcending the norm. And while it might seem contraindicated, stouts have always been popular in the islands. Stand out from the crowd with Bahamian Brewery’s Strong Back Stout, a solid 7.7-percent ABV contender. ARGYLL BREWERY HIGHLANDER Score one for Fyne Ales Scotland with the Raspberry Berliner Weisse named Ich Bin Ein BerryLiner. And after a round at Machrihanish Dunes, head to the Black Sheep Pub in Campbeltown and order a pint of the Argyll Brewery’s Highlander, a lovely 4.8-percent copper ale. The first beer brewed by Fyne Ales in 2001, it’s also brewed on St. Andrews Day. Cheers! ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 47