Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 44

REL ISH < MIXED RUM DIARY While helming an eighth-generation family business from Bermuda, Malcolm Gosling discovers the key to longevity. BY DAN DUNN LEGEND HAS IT that in the spring of 1806, James Gosling, an intrepid wine and spirits merchant from England, set sail for the New World on a chartered ship laden with all manner of fortified beverages. His plan was to open up shop in Jamestown, Virginia. Gosling never made it. After three harrowing months at sea, the boat charter ran out, and the penniless passenger was given a choice—return to England, cargo and all, or put in at the nearest port. Gosling took the latter option, and two centuries later, his descendants still reside on the island of Bermuda—22 square miles of gorgeous hilly terrain ringed with pink sand beaches and the balmy turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea. “More than likely, the plan back then was to sell off the 42 ISSUE TWO | ASPIRE alcohol in Bermuda, and make enough money to press on to America,” says 57-year-old President and CEO of Gosling’s International Limited, Malcolm Gosling. “Then he figured out Bermuda was a great place to live and do business.” The Gosling family business is alcohol. By the mid-1800s, James Gosling and his brother Ambrose were making a tidy living selling proprietary dark rum out of the barrel to British sailors. In the early 20 th Century, the rum was being packaged in reclaimed Champagne bottles sealed with black wax. Hence, the name of the company’s flagship rum, Black Seal. Malcolm Gosling was born and raised in Bermuda, where he spent his summers and school breaks working for the family business. He went to boarding school in Ontario, attended Boston College, and then returned home, eager to expand the