Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 4

F RO N TRUN N ER THE REEL DEAL Chasing the black-tailed Devil is all in a day’s play for outfitter Clint Kemp. Native Bahamian Clint Kemp is obsessed with one of saltwater angling's most coveted prizes: the permit. With the ocean as his playground and a fly-fishing rod as his muse, Kemp is famous in The Abacos for hunting down one of the sea’s most elusive fish. For serious anglers, several species induce adrenaline-fueled battles, including the spooky bonefish, the aerial-dancing tarpon, or the how-you-like-me-now pull of a feisty jack crevalle. But tales of wrangling permit always command bragging rights. The black-tailed devil demands respect, perhaps most notably because it is so difficult to catch on a fly. Most anglers would be overjoyed to catch even one permit during their lifetime, which is why this one fish may give rise to more fishing addictions than any other. For Kemp, partner and general manager at the applauded Blackfly Lodge, the hunt is nearly as rewarding as the catch. But the catch, when it happens, is never forgotten. GO> ON THE HUNT FOR REEL TIME? VISIT THEABACOCLUB.COM FOR ANGLING INSPIRATION. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / //////////// 2 ISSUE TWO | ASPIRE