Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 39

ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH IS THE BELLWETHER FOR ART TRENDS. WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT FOR 2018?  Previously marginalized or underappreciated groups, such as the African diaspora, gay, or female artists, are finally getting deserved attention— from galleries, institutional shows, biennials, and triennials. Additionally, the continued globalization within the art world is exciting. There are increasing advances being made in learning about new artists, and sourcing and purchasing work from far corners of the earth via technology. HOW IS ART BASEL CONTINUING TO EVOLVE? The inauguration of Art Basel Cities—a new program that is supporting and advancing art communities all over the world. It kicks off in September in Buenos Aires, with programming headed up by the curator of the High Line in NYC, Cecilia Alemani.    WHICH YOUNG FEMALE ARTISTS ARE YOU MOST EXCITED TO FOLLOW THIS YEAR? Allison Zuckerman (27) was easily the newest and brightest star at the 2017 Art Basel Miami Beach. Her rapid rise from gallery assistant to art star was meteoric. Her show at the Rubell Family Collection was a huge hit. Titled “Stranger Than Paradise,” it showcased her paintings, which juxtapose colorful pop imagery with historical references. And 41-year- old Argentinian Mika Rottenberg isn’t necessarily “emerging” but she is having a moment, with a spectacular solo show at the newly renovated Bass Museum of her sculptural installations and videos about global capitalism and Chinese laborers.    ART BASEL HONG KONG IS UP NEXT. WHAT’S MOST ANTICIPATED FOR THE MARCH FAIR?   This is possibly the most exciting area in the contemporary art world right now— the development of the Pan-Asian market. The collector base has grown immensely, new galleries continue to open, and western galleries are opening outposts in Hong Kong. An increasing number of western collectors are attending the fair. Prices at auction for work by artists of Asian descent are at an all-time high. All of this is creating buzz around the Hong Kong fair.   NOT-TO-MISS INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS AND MUSEUM OPENINGS? The two most talked-about openings in late 2017 were the Louvre in Dubai and the Zeitz Mocca in South Africa.   WHAT YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO SEE ON YOUR WALL THIS YEAR?  My dream list would include works by Dana Schutz. I adore her figurative painting. The late Barkley Hendricks produces beautiful examinations of race in the south. Work by the darling, Los Angeles-based Haas Brothers is so clever and irreverent, and beautifully bridges art and design. Sterling Ruby for his monumental brilliance, Doug Aitken because his work is the future, Peter Doig for his transcendent and disorientating landscapes, and one of the fabulous and funny Erwin Wurm sculptures that Lehman Maupin had in Miami … how much space do we have?!   OPPOSITE: The Plaza Louvre in Abu Dhabi, designed by the lauded Jean Nouvel. ABOVE, FROM LEFT: Barkley Hendricks “Sweet Thang” (Lynn Jenkins), 1975-1976 Oil on Linen; “Mini Beasts,” with gold- plated and silver-plated bronze feet and carved ebony horns by the Haas Brothers; Allison Zuckerman’s “Woman At Her Toilette.” ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 37