Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 35

Whether you’re a professional athlete or starting out on a beginner fitness program, your coach is key. And in today’s oversaturated hea lth and wellness industry, understanding which trends are game-changing—and those that are simply wishful thinking—can make or break optimal health. Looking for clarification and trusted sources? Look no farther than Willowbend. The club’s movers and shakers will motivate, educate, and increase your fun factor while working up a sweat. DYNAMIC DUO The latest addition to Willowbend’s robust team of health and wellness pros is the husband-and-wife team of Dr. Jeffrey Anderson and Heather Crosby. Dr. Anderson is a personal trainer and chiropractor who calls upon an extensive knowledge of manual medicine { ALL ABOUT PT } NEW TO THE WILLOWBEND TEAM, PHYSICAL THERAPIST JAMES HAWLEY JOINS THE CLUB’S TEAM OF FITNESS PROS THIS SPRING. HE’LL HELP TREAT PATIENTS AND THEN COLLABORATE ON TRANSITIONING CLIENTS FROM PHYSICAL THERAPY TO PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS. FUNCTION { SUMMER SPIN CYCLE } MIKE ROBERTS, HEAD COACH OF THE CAPE LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM, THE COTUIT KETTLEERS, AND INSTRUCTOR WITH THE CHICAGO CUBS, IS WILLOWBEND’S CELEBRITY INSTRUCTOR FOR SPECIAL SUNDAY SPIN CLASSES.  FIRST For golfers and tennis players, repetitive swings can wreak havoc on the body. Yet if prepared for properly, acing that shot is just a matter of functional training. Willowbend is constantly on the forefront of innovative fitness trends, to design corrective exercise strategies for clients. With a specific focus on back and neck pain, his unique approach has been successful in helping clients manage various musculoskeletal complaints, including shoulder, hip, and knee issues. Dr. Anderson’s system can be applied to pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, in addition to advanced athletic performance training. His wife, Heather Crosby, is a motivating personal trainer and instructor. Don’t think you can hold a three-minute plank? Crosby may prove you wrong. With 20 years experience in the industry, she brings new intelligence and education to Willowbend. Her specialty? Integrating the latest biomechanical research in back health and core strength, she designs progressive training programs and gets creative with every client’s personal health and fitness goals. Don’t miss Crosby’s new fitness class and this year the club features a renewed focus on functional training. The result is optimal strength, stability, and mobility. Most of us pull, hinge, squat, and rotate by simply walking or running each day. Functional training employs exercises that improve movement and proficiency in these primary patterns—to give you that sought-after edge on the course and courts. on Sunday mornings. MOVE READY TO GET YOUR FITNESS ON? VISIT WILLOWBENDCAPECOD.COM ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 33