Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 33

8 7 7 MASERATI-BULGARI OCTO WATCHES Maserati has turned to Bulgari as its house watchmaker. The newest models feature a design that’s been Bulgari’s signature for decades—an octagon face shape capped with a circular bezel. What’s exceptionally clever? The numeral in the window of the Octo (which comes in 18k pink and gold or steel) shows the hour (not the date), and the minute hand ticks upward, like the RPM gauge in a car. Once that reaches six (as in 60 minutes of an hour) it snaps back to zero—like a car shifting to idle—just as the hour dial ticks forward. It’s a show- stopping performance run by Bulgari’s own 33-jewel automatic movement (which runs for 42 hours without winding). Plus, at 41.5mm, the shape of the watch is svelte versus massive. From $12,800; 8 1 BONX Bonx is a clever Bluetooth earpiece for cycling, skiing, or anything you might do as a group of up to 10 people where communication is a hurdle. It’s akin to a conference call, but employs data, not minutes, so as not to chew through talk time. With several Bonx users joined, tackle ski slopes with your group and stay in constant touch, or keep a running dialogue going on a road bike ride and hear each other clearly, even in a paceline. Bonx fi lters both ambient sounds and other voices, so it won’t blast users with wind noise. $140; ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 31