Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 32

H AU TE FAC TO R 1 6 3 5 T EC H TA L K > 5 NEST HELLO DOORBELL Yep, there are video doorbells already out there. Nest, though, as with their thermostat, is reinventing by simplifying. The camera lets you zoom in and has night vision. If a prowler doesn’t ring the bell, that’s okay, because Hello lights up when someone gets nearby and folks know they’re being watched. The Hello has facial recognition software—it knows you, your family, and the UPS guy—so it vets regulars from strangers. Super handy features include pre-recorded messages triggered at the tap of a button; if 1,500-miles away on a business trip, tap “Can I help you with something,” on the Nest app, and it will be played back to the visitor in a calm voice to spook would-be prowlers. Pricing TBD; arrives early Spring; 30 ISSUE TWO | ASPIRE 6 DJI SPARK DRONE If you find drones unapproachable or hard to fly, this one will change your mind. The Spark is the only drone you can ski and bike with, or leave in your glove box for whenever you fancy a flight. It’s small (with spare batteries, it’s no larger than a DSLR camera), lightweight, and portable. Yet it’s stable on windy days, shoots 1080 hi-def video, and the Go4 app auto-edits footage highlights and quickly reduces it to a social-media- ready file easily shared with friends. From $499;