Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 31

3 5 3 APPLE HOMEPOD “Hey Siri, play ‘It’s Raining’ by Irma Thomas.” Sure, you can do that on your iPhone, but here’s what Apple’s new HomePod promises: superb sound. It, too, features Siri and works over AirPlay 2, which means most any music you already stream via iPhone will work, in addition to Apple Music. The seven-inch- tall HomePod not only has seven tweeters for ultra-clear highs as well as a central woofer, but it also uses Apple’s A8 chip. It analyzes the space of the room (adjusting playback to reduce boom and echo), and listens to what it plays, altering the sound frequency—like a great singer might adjust her voice to the audience. Want to switch audio sources? No sweat, just tap your iPhone to the speaker. $349; 4 4 1 FOCUS JAM² PLUS PRO Electric mountain bikes may seem like cheating, but what they really offer is the ability to tackle higher terrain without frying your legs. The best of the bunch, like this new Focus, centers the mass of the motor and battery beneath the rider. Focus uses Shimano’s integrated system for ultra-smooth power delivery to the cranks (not the wheels), so you only get a boost as you pedal—key for maintaining control and traction. And the battery is integrated in the down tube, rather than looking like an ugly appendage. With 140mm of travel front and rear, and reasonably short chainstays, the JAM² also handles great, carving tight singletrack with ease. $5,999; ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 29