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FROM LEFT: A collaborative painting by Barbara Nicklaus, PKU Alliance supporters, and local artist Tom Neel; Jack Nicklaus with Jerry, Hudson and Jill Elkins; tee time during the Creighton Farms Invitational. WHEN YOU’RE NOT BUSY WITH PHILANTHROPY EFFORTS AND THE NICKLAUS BRAND, WHERE DO YOU AND MR. NICKLAUS MOST LIKE TO ESCAPE? Jack could fish 24-7! Anytime he gets a few days, he wants to get away to the Bahamas to bonefish. We mostly go shallow-water fishing for bonefish and tarpon. He’s gotten me into fly-fishing, too. My goal is not to not only catch the most fish, but the biggest fish! IT’S WIDELY KNOWN YOU ARE QUITE THE COOK! CONSIDERING YOUR RESTAURANTS AND BRAND, WHICH DISH OF YOURS IS MOST REQUESTED WHEN CELEBRATING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS? My chicken parmesan is always a favorite. We have four boys and one girl, and we were together every night as a family. I loved to cook, and my kids would try anything. Jack’s favorite is Italian cream cake, which we make every year for his birthday. My daughter Nan and I co-authored a cookbook, Well Done (available for purchase at which features 300 of our family’s favorite recipes, along with special anecdotes and photos. We dreamed of collaborating on a cookbook for many years, and we’re proud to say that 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of the cookbook benefit the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. went to the cardiology hospital at Children’s National in Washington, D.C. Funds also went to the National P.K.U. Alliance. John Jaeger, chairman of the 2017 CFI, worked so hard. He was determined to raise a million dollars, and he did it! Every year, the tournament continues to grow and we appreciate that it has allowed us to make a difference outside of the state of Florida and Ohio, where most of our fundraising has taken place. IN 2017, THE SIXTH ANNUAL CREIGHTON FARMS INVITATIONAL (CFI) RAISED $1.4 MILLION—THE MOST MONEY TO DATE. WHERE WILL FUNDS RAISED HAVE THE MOST IMPACT? WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR LEGACY TO BE? Years ago, when the Creighton Farms Invitational in Virginia first asked us if we wanted to get involved, our foundation had a goal to become more global. Most of the funds raised It is most important to me to be a good wife, a good mom, a good grandma, and a good friend. Our family has been so important to us. Jack is the first to say that the best and most important major championships he’s won are our five children. PLAY TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2018 CREIGHTON FARMS INVITATIONAL, CALL 703.957.4807.; CREIGHTONFARMS.COM ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 23