Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 17

< INKED ANOTHER SKILL YOU HIGHLIGHT IS “REFINEMENT.” WHICH ACTIONS IN YOUR OWN LIFE NEEDED THE MOST REFINEMENT? Refinement truly applies to all and everything. But rather than thinking we’re inadequate everywhere and conceive of refinement as an endless task, it’s much more liberating and enjoyable to look at refinement as an ongoing opportunity to play and learn and live and grow. Refinement also keys into the Multiplier Effect in that the greatest growth often comes from where we are weakest and have the most room to improve. That’s where the opportunity lies. As such it’s often in areas where we shy away. But there are treasure troves of learning and growth and rewards to be had in such places. And once we understand that and enjoy a few successes, the path ahead opens up dramatically! WHAT IS OUR “BIOLOGICAL SUPERCOMPUTER” AND HOW CAN IT BE OUR GREATEST ASSET IN LIFE? My mention of our biological supercomputer refers to the totality of our mind, body, and spirit. It acknowledges the astonishing perceptual and analytical power of our being. There’s really nothing quite like it. And yet, most people take it for granted because we don’t think of it in such terms. But once we understand and appreciate that we have the most powerful computer in the world on our shoulders—and that it’s part of an even more amazing construct that integrates our entire body and energetically reaches out to the ends of the universe—we can approach it differently. When we see it for what it truly is, and understand that its power can be managed, and put to work on our behalf, that’s when life can dramatically improve. YOUR BOOK DISCUSSES THE “SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN STRUCTURING OUR LIVES, OUR BUSINESSES, OUR FAMILIES, AND OUR FUTURE.” WHAT IS IT, AND WHY IS IT A GAME CHANGER? It’s ourselves. We are at the center of all and everything. We perceive and filter information, and we set the course and command the expedition. The structures we create and implement are reflections of our strengths and weaknesses, our knowledge and ignorance, our insights and misperceptions, and everything else about us. If we want to improve our results, we need to improve ourselves. Since our perception of the world shapes how we interact with it, it’s critical to understand what that outlook is, how it came to be, and how it may be helping or hindering the structures we create and depend on. It’s often said that we are our own worst enemies. It’s often said because it’s often true. A critical part of becoming what and who we want to be is to elevate our awareness—to notice when we are being counterproductive, and utilize the required techniques to make things better. This was the understanding that sent me back to business school. I realized that I was the analyst, designer, builder, and operator of my life all rolled into one. And if I wanted to improve my business and the world I lived in, I needed to upgrade the most important and impactful ingredient of all: Me. IN REGARDS TO THE TITLE OF YOUR BOOK, ELEVATE, WHAT DO YOU MOST HOPE TO ELEVATE THIS YEAR? Book sales for sure! I’ve spent 20 years of my life researching what works, what doesn’t, and why we often avoid the most practical paths to growth and happiness. So I’m now focusing my energies on getting this wisdom out there in a way that people can relate to, reference, and build on. Hopefully this can also help move the dial on understanding and embracing others. Our world is certainly a better place when we all work together with open hearts and open minds. Education is another area that could benefit from a lot of refinement. Our educational system is rooted in the industrial revolution; but the world has moved on and we so should we. In addition to the book, I will soon be launching the Elevate Prize. I’m in the process of aligning my philanthropic initiatives with the central theme of Elevate. The Elevate Prize Foundation has been established to “support, celebrate, and empower individuals and entities whose ideas and endeavors elevate the human experience.” Not only do I want to empower these extraordinary people and projects, I want to shine a big light on what they’re doing so that others can be inspired as well. WHAT IS YOUR INTENDED TAKEAWAY FOR READERS? We live in a world that is infinitely more wonderful than we can comprehend. There are practical paths to enjoying this universe and elevating our lives … with love, wisdom, and increasing ease and harmony. ELEVATE IS AVAILABLE WHEREEVER BOOKS ARE SOLD. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT GUIDETOELEVATE.COM ASPIRE | ISSUE TWO 15