Aspire Magazine Issue 2 - Page 14

P U RVEYO RS OF PLAY ELEVATE Joe Deitch’s new book, Elevate , navigates the yin-yang of awareness and action, and leverages personal life experiences to motivate and awaken. JOE DEITCH, founder and chairman of Commonwealth Financial Network and chairman of Southworth Development, is redefining publishing’s self-help genre. His new book Elevate is purposefully designed as a tool to be repeatedly revisited as we navigate new challenges and opportunities. In this Q&A, he describes how the book reveals the essence of elevating one’s life. 12 ISSUE TWO | ASPIRE ELEVATE IS SHOWCASED IN TWO PARTS: AWARENESS AND ACTION. HOW DOES ONE BUILD UPON AND LEVERAGE THE OTHER? Like the well-known Chinese yin- yang symbol, Awareness and Action are two parts of a connected whole. They compliment and complete each other. But it doesn’t stop there; they also have the capacity to augment and expand the other. As a result, two and two can equal 10 … or much more. By itself, a recipe for a given task can be mechanical and limited to just that singular endeavor. But add awareness to the mix and success blossoms as we better understand both what we’re trying to accomplish as well as our role in it. It’s a dynamic process. Our abilities and our awareness grow in tandem. Plus (and here’s the real magic!), our increased awareness enables us to better perform all other tasks since we are the primary