Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 86

beating Seve, Faldo ... the lot, but all I wanted to do afterwards was practice harder. Unfortunately the game doesn’t always give you what you think it should. I’ve always been pretty hard on myself when I fail because I don’t find it very easy to accept that. And there’s been times I’ve been completely and utterly fed up with the game.” Case in point was a few months before his British Open victory in 2011. Due to play in Malaysia, his long-time agent and mentor Andrew “Chubby” Chandler noticed his morale was low and rerouted him to the place he knew he could rejuvenate quickest: Abaco. “I spent two weeks here with the wife and kids, put some great practice in and went back to Europe and won in Majorca. I kept it going, and a few weeks later I won the Open.” His obsessive mind has extended into other pursuits. Just as football, soccer, and tennis players all want to be golf experts, golfers want to be skilled at other sports. For Clarke, that sport is fishing, and Abaco allows him to indulge. “Some of the best deep-sea angling in the world is minutes from the club, where trophy marlin, wahoo, 84 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna await,” he notes. “But saltwater fly fishing is my favorite. And I am a person of extremes, so I am out there on the bow of a boat every second I can be.” Over the course of 12 years Abaco has been the constant “treat” in his professional career. Nearly 20 sports cars (including 15 Ferraris, three Lamborghinis and various Jaguars, Bentleys, Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches) have come and mostly gone, hairstyles have changed, clothes have been coveted then disregarded (“I once bought 40 pairs of trousers and 30 belts on the same day from the same shop,” he admits), yet Abaco remains. “SOME OF THE BEST DEEP-SEA ANGLING IN THE WORLD IS MINUTES FROM THE CLUB, WHERE TROPHY MARLIN, WAHOO, MAHI-MAHI AND YELLOWFIN TUNA AWAIT.” PARADISE FOUND: The only demands of the day at Abaco include angling its salt-water flats. OPPOSITE: Clarke’s drive extends beyond the green. The celebrity athlete continually pushes the envelope, both personally and professionally. ASPIRE | ISSUE ONE 85